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Celebrating the start-up of STARLIMS Quality Manufacturing (QM) solution at Jiuzhou Pharma

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A well-known pharmaceutical company in China, Zhejiang Jiuzhou Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Jiuzhou Pharma) is committed to providing Contract Development and Manufacturing (CDMO) services to local and international innovative drug companies and new drug R&D institutions. It also specializes in the innovative processes and the commercialized manufacturing of chemical active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and pharmaceutical intermediates. The company has established a collaboration with a variety of global pharmaceutical companies, well-known domestic new drug R&D companies, and generic drug companies, providing professional API development solutions and services.

Taihua Pharmaceutical Chemical (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. was a professional manufacturer of APIs and intermediates. Formerly a subsidiary of one of the world’s largest generic drug manufacturers, it was acquired by Jiuzhou Pharma in 2021 and was renamed Zhejiang Jiuzhou Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.

As part of the global enterprise deployment of the STARLIMS QM system, Taihua Pharmaceutical Chemical (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. had been using the STARLIMS QM system for many years. It was upgraded to STARLIMS QM V11 in 2021. After the acquisition, the new company needed to ensure the continuity of the existing business, based on the original quality management system and information system. They also needed to seamlessly adapt to the new organizational structure and business needs. It was important that the laboratory information management system (LIMS) continued to play a key role in the informatization of the new organization. In addition, the company aimed to take the opportunity to optimize its processes, improve management, and increase efficiency. The powerful functionality and flexibility of STARLIMS QM V12 fully met the company’s requirements.

Restricted by the closing date of the acquisition, the implementation period for the LIMS project was tight, and the requirements were stringent. The project team had to ensure that the system could be fully delivered before the closing date so that the customer could transfer to the new business seamlessly.

Additionally, since the STARLIMS system had been running in the former organization for many years, a considerable amount of customization accumulated over time since STARLIMS QM V9. This resulted in an even higher requirement for the new LIMS system and the project team. During the implementation period, the STARLIMS team fully demonstrated their rich implementation experience. Based on their comprehensive understanding of application scenarios and an in-depth analysis, the team provided a sophisticated and fast-to-deploy solution.

Another challenge the implementation team faced was the complex business data migration involved in the project. Based on the strict requirements of data migration, including security, accuracy, and compatibility, the project team helped the customer successfully complete the data migration at a comparatively lower cost, so that the customer could make the utmost of the data value from the original system and ensure business continuity.

The project had its kickoff on February 15, 2022, and went live successfully on June 15, with an implementation cycle of only 4 months. During the severe epidemic lockdown in China, the STARLIMS team collaborated closely with the customer, coordinating resources efficiently between different parties. Under the strict quality management and project management, the STARLIMS system has been successfully delivered on time to support the customer’s long-term development.