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May 7th, 2018 – Hollywood, FL. Abbott Informatics announced today the launch of Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) Templates in the STARLIMS Content Library and the addition of new Mobile apps.  The STARLIMS ELN provides a powerful electronic replacement for paper lab notebooks and other homegrown solutions.  ELN Templates are a new category of content in the STARLIMS Content Library, and Abbott Informatics plans to continue adding new ELN Templates in future releases.

NEW ELN TemplateS

The following Templates are included in today’s release and provide customers with a starting point which can be further adapted to meet the needs of their own test methods:

QM High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC): The five common core steps necessary for an HPLC workflow as well as a general template to use for any ELN method

QM Dissolution: A multi-stage workflow with configurable acceptance criteria which may vary at each stage

QM ELISA: An ELISA workflow example which calculates standard curves and determines whether or not samples are on or off curve

QM Sieve: A molecular sieve workflow which calculates the amount of substance which passes through a sieve

QM Loss on Dry (LOD): A workflow which documents and calculates the moisture content of a sample

ES Total Dissolved Solids (TDS): A standard environmental science workflow which documents the drying cycles of samples and calculates their TDS based on sample weights at different cycles

ES Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD): A standard environmental science workflow which calculates BOD based on the measured dissolved oxygen


NEW Mobile AppS

Today’s release also includes new Mobile apps for Healthcare and Forensics customers:

CL Shipment Receiving : Automatically process queued sample shipments and create pre-logged samples using eManifest

FR Evidence Audit : Perform an audit of the items in any lab member’s custody or in the custody of a location (applicable for both lab and property evidence)

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About the STARLIMS Content Library

Launched in 2016, the STARLIMS Content Library allows customers to discover new content for STARLIMS, and enhances the value of add-on products.  Today’s update introduced a new category of content, ELN Templates, which demonstrates Abbott Informatics’ continued commitment to building the STARLIMS Content Library as a way for customers to further maximize the value of their STARLIMS solution. 

Complementary access is available to all current Abbott Informatics customers through the Abbott Informatics Zendesk Customer Support Portal. Installing dashboards, mobile apps, or ELN templates requires the necessary STARLIMS licenses.