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The General Manufacturing industry faces the everyday challenge of managing cost efficient operations, producing high quality, safe products and having visibility of the operations and data. Ensuring the cost of quality adds value to the operations, becoming lean, streamlined, improving process and complying with the industry regulations are at the top level of the priorities.

Support your Quality Laboratory Operational and Lean Excellence efforts –One Partner, One Powerful Solution – STARLIMS!


Enhance Regulatory Compliance

With robust presence in the general manufacturing industries, STARLIMS General Manufacturing solution is a scalable web based product that will allow you to connect from anywhere at any time with compliant features to ensure data integrity, traceability, regulatory compliance and inspection readiness. 

We serve the following regulated and non-regulated industries:

Toys, Automotive and Automotive Components, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), Aviation, Electronics, Engineering, Aerospace and Defense, Steel, Textile, Pulp & Paper, Miscellaneous Consumer Goods, Contract Manufacturers, Personal care, Cosmetics, Construction equipment, Building Materials, Agricultural equipment, Metals, Telecommunication equipment, Academic and many more.

  • Consolidate product sample data and documentation
  • Produce Certificates of Analysis (CoA) or General Certificates of Conformity (GCC) for product and/or samples that meet specifications
  • Analyze trending, support testing standards and compliance efforts (International Conference of Harmonization (ICH), United States, Japanese, European Pharmacopeias (USP, JP, EP) and others).
  • Support compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11, Annex 11 guidelines, ISO 17025, ISO 9000, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), Consumer Product Safety Act (CPSA), and other regulatory requirements and best practices
  • Produce real time analysis of tested samples/products
  • Document your nondestructive inspection


Secure, Reliable, Integrated 

STARLIMS Integrated Solution is also our latest modern technology incorporates Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN), Scientific Data Management System (SDMS), Advanced Analytics and Mobility in a single application. Eliminating the need for building and maintaining custom interfaces to third party tools.

STARLIMS provides functionality that can help you to monitor and control the safety and quality of your raw materials, in process and finish products testing; providing you a platform for the documentation of results and the management of information in a secure and reliable way.


General Manufacturing Quality Laboratory Management

STARLIMS laboratory information management software includes powerful tools for comprehensive management of quality laboratory processes: instrument management, inventory control, flexible calculations, reporting and data analysis tools, analytical batch & plate management, standards and supplier management, comprehensive audit trail/electronic signatures, formulation management, stability and microbiology management, scheduling, resource scheduling, chromatographic data systems (CDS) integration, and more. Connect with Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP), Product Information Management Systems (PIMS), Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and other enterprise system via Web services application programming interface (API).


Operational Excellence in the General Manufacturing Quality Laboratory

Achieving operational excellence, through innovation, operational efficiency and enhanced quality is critical for the General Manufacturing industries.

STARLIMS supports your industry operational excellence efforts by helping with cost and error reduction through automation, integration, data consolidation, collaboration, process standardization, streamlining, and quality compliance.


Reduce Costs and Turnaround Time; Increase Efficiencies and Testing Volume, Boost Quality Laboratory Productivity

The configurable nature of STARLIMS allow you to handle many types of laboratory process or workflow without the need of programming or complex configuration, handle different products testing requirements and automate the sample collection, logon, receiving, assignment, testing, result entry, approval, release and report generation process. With STARLIMS you can:

  • Manage your data by exception rather than reviewing results that are nominal
  • Automatically visually flag and immediately compare results in real time against defined specifications for immediate response
  • Fully trace your lots and your inventory using built –in features such as lot genealogy and chain of custody support improving regulatory compliance
  • Manage and track auditable electronic records, have an integrated picture of your laboratory resources taking part in a specific analysis (scientists, instruments, standards and SOP’s)
  • Create your protocols, studies and have visibility on when and what needs to be pulled and tested, manage your product shelf life (Stability Management).
  • Manage your microbiology and formulation data
  • Perform trend analysis and process control charts


Information Centralized, Readily Available and Searchable

Laboratories today generate many types of documents. Documents are used to ensure the lab operates to standards through SOPs and Methods, and communicating results to customers through Certificates of Analysis. These documents need to be created, edited by team members, routed for approval, and put into effect and communicated to those impacted. This can be difficult and expensive to do manually, either through passing paper/sign-off sheets around or by storing on department share drives.

Labs also generate data from testing instruments which need to be brought into the LIMS. Manually rekeying this data can introduce errors, and takes time.

STARLIMS SDMS solution manages the documents and data generated by a lab. SDMS will automatically pick up and intelligently parse documents and data, mapping it to appropriate location in the LIMS, route through a workflow for others to review and approve and enable it to be used in the system, whether to communicate lab results to customers, or put new SOPs into effect. Set it up once, and SDMS will The Integrated Solution LIMS SDMS ELN ADVANCED MOBILE ANALYTICS work silently in the background managing your data and documents, ensuring your organization is in compliance and has the appropriate controls in place. Save money on printing and managing paper, save time and focus on getting your work done.


Information Integrated for Fast Decision Making

Have a clear picture of your quality laboratories efficiencies, bottlenecks and trends.

Laboratory managers are faced with many decisions today. It can be challenging and time consuming to gather data to make informed decisions. The great thing about the STARLIMS is that it stores a large amount of data about each day’s activity in a lab. Analyzing this data, looking at trends and patterns over weeks, months, years, can provide insights into the operations of a lab. It can help answer questions for root cause analysis, identify opportunities for improvement, identify bottlenecks causing performance issues, and help build a business case for new resources. Laboratory Managers need data to make decisions. Put the power of STARLIMS Advanced Analytics solution to work to quickly provide you with the data you need to make effective decisions to run your lab.


Become Paperless, Streamlined, Harmonized & Promote Collaboration

Laboratory workflows today can be complex, including multiple steps. Your results are important, so each step is documented. But documenting in paper notebooks, forms, logbooks, or in Excel files stored on department share drives can be inefficient and difficult to maintain compliance. It is difficult to share paper notebooks with colleagues in different locations. Files stored on department shared drives can be difficult to maintain and search. 

STARLIMS ELN solution is a powerful paper notebook replacement for your lab. Whether you are looking to capture interim result data in tables, create calculations on the fly using standard Excel formulas, add pictures and annotate, or include attachments, the Excel-like integration provides you with a flexible canvas to capture and store your data in a central repository which is easy to search, easy to share and maintains compliance with your organization’s record retention rules. You can even see the method/SOP while you are executing the steps to ensure compliance.

The STARLIMS ELN solution allows you to focus on getting your work done as efficiently as possible, and allows you to execute your test workflow without interruptions.



Labs operate in many different areas. You may have samples that are collected outside the lab and sent in. Within the lab, you may have testing done at workstations, perhaps in different rooms. Inventory may be stored in a multiple locations. The challenge is that desktops and laptops may not be available everywhere you need to perform your work. Sometimes you may need to use paper or other third party solutions. 

With STARLIMS Mobile solution, you can use the STARLIMS Mobile App available on an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet to continue your work wherever you go. Whether you are out of the lab collecting samples, or in the lab, moving from your desk to other areas you can continue your work regardless of the computing device you are using. No more need to deal with paper or other third party solutions. With STARLIMS Mobile Solution you can automate your workflow.

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