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Inicio Webinar | The Benefits of Consolidating Your Testing Ecosystem

Webinar | The Benefits of Consolidating Your Testing Ecosystem

With numerous procedures, processes, systems, people, and data sources, it is critical for companies to have a holistic view of their laboratory operations. Without it, organizations are prone to inefficient data handling processes, data quality risks, compliance risk from unsupported LIMS applications, communication issues, and more. Many organizations today are using multiple LIMS from different vendors, which reduces value and adds complexity and risk to an already complicated ecosystem. By consolidating laboratory information into a modernized LIMS system with one solution and partner, organizations can have a single source of truth that streamlines operations and drives business value creation.

In this webinar, STARLIMS Chief Product Officer Brandon Henning sits down with Dupont’s Information & Data Science Technical Manager of R&D, Christopher Dehen, PhD, to discuss why they have chosen to consolidate, standardize, and modernize their testing ecosystem and highlight the benefits they’ve seen so far.

As an attendee, you will learn more about:

  • Why Dupont chose to standardize, consolidate, and modernize its testing ecosystem across its R&D analytical labs
  • How they’ve reduced the numbers of different LIMS across the organization, creating additional value and innovation opportunities, and why they plan to expand these efforts to different sites in the future
  • What benefits Dupont has seen realized from its testing consolidation


May 30 2023
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